Seeking to uncover uncommon opportunity in developed and emerging markets.


We believe in-depth research and expertise yield deeper insights into local dynamics. We strategize from the ground up, with the goal of identifying opportunities and probabilities that may be overlooked by competitors. We combine on-the-ground, primary research with fundamental macroeconomics in looking to generate compelling investment themes. We test our investment ideas against real time market triggers and current events. This thematic framework informs what we do, seeking to drive a high-level of confidence, courage and conviction, with the goal of generating superior investment returns across the liquidity spectrum.


Global Macro

The liquid global macro strategy targets a diversified opportunity set of global exposures across the major macroeconomic asset classes. With investment coverage including over 60 countries, the strategy is diversified between developed and emerging markets. Currently, collapsing cost curves in disruptive technologies combined with the global drive toward sustainability are driving our global macroeconomic outlook, leading to strategic and tactical opportunities within and across countries.


Real Estate

Autonomy first began its opportunistic investing in real estate in 2006 based on a high conviction macroeconomic view on Brazil. In December 2012 we started to explore unique opportunities in Spain in what we believed would be an upcoming revitalization of their economy and real estate market.


Special Situations

Autonomy’s thematic investment process may yield opportunities better suited to less liquid, special situation or private equity-like structures. Strategically, Autonomy seeks to work with investors who have the ability/willingness to pursue such relationships.