Immersive Investing Across the Globe.


At Autonomy Capital, immersive investing is not just our strategy – it’s a unique philosophy.

01. Immersive Investing

Uncommon Results

Immersive investing informs our exploration of developed and emerging markets with the goal of uncommon results. It’s how we seek to maximize risk-adjusted returns with confidence in our hypotheses and action rooted in deep, fundamental macroeconomic experience. We ground our themes in both global market trends and specific, untapped regional phenomena. We’re driven by our passion for boots-on-the-ground discovery and intensive vetting of opportunities before we invest.

02. Process

The immersive investing process comes from many sides.

Not only from behind a desk, but also from behind the scenes. Not only on the ground, but also deep in the numbers. We aim to work relentlessly at opportunities and probabilities until they become realities for our investment themes and, ultimately, for our investors.

03. People

Talent. Curiosity. Diverse. Results Focus. 

We aim to recruit and retain the best people we can find: professionals of varying expertise and disciplines, looking to be united in a meritocracy where ideas, candor and debate are encouraged in order to get to the best possible solution. We do not seek out merely candidates with financial or banking backgrounds; we hire economists, scientists, technologists, professors, mathematicians, policymakers, and more. “Group think” at Autonomy means debate.

A diverse workforce with the right knowledge and skills helps to bring pioneering ideas, energy, and innovation. Autonomy seeks to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and given equal opportunities. We foster an inclusive environment and strongly encourage candidates to apply regardless of their racial, ethnic, religious and cultural background, gender, sexual orientation, or any disabilities. As an inclusive employer, we promote flexible working.